Monday, November 9, 2009

What are you Reading Monday?

J.Kaye's Book Blog has had this going for months, and I just found out about it cause you know me, I spend too much time alone under my books.

But here I go:

Monday Nov 9th 2009
I am reading Shipping News by Annie Proulx


  1. LOL! I need to follow your example. Instead I spend too much time on the internet. ;)

    How are you liking SHIPPING NEWS? Is this your first Annie Proulx book?

  2. I haven't read Shipping News, I hope you're enjoying it.

    Here's my Monday Round Up.

  3. With everything that went on yesterday I forgot to check comments.

    J. Kaye, yes I am liking Shipping News, this is my first Annie Proulx book. I saw the movie when it came out and had no idea it was a book at first. It's always nice to find a Newfoundland story. I'm Newfie so it's a rare find.

    Alitareads It's a beautifully detailed book so far. It really sets the tone of what the Province of Newfoundland is like. The language has so much depth.