Friday, November 6, 2009

That goes against my values

I was given a book to review that I not only could not finish, it opened a genre to me I want nothing to do with. This just was not my cup of tea.
I ended up letting a friend of mine take a look at it because of the religious and military themes running through the book.
The best she could offer was the the author exposed too much of himself with the personal reflections, and the poetry seemed forced.

How do you stay objective when dealing with a genre that goes against your religious/political beliefs?
Had I known before hand the genre/sub-genre of the book I would have politely said "no". But nowhere on it (it was a download actually ) did the book in question have any listing of it's religious/political slant.

So why didn't I ask the genre before hand?

Good question Spudgun, because the author was so desperate for someone to review it. I said yes and got the file from him without any other information. Bad on my part I know.

Where do you mark the invisible line when it comes to your work and your beliefs ?

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