Monday, November 2, 2009

The Men of Jane Austen Part 2

This is the second part of my final All Jane Austen Challenge

Jane Austen gave her share of bad guys to her novel Emma.
The character of Mr. Elton even out weighs the character of Frank Churchill, who is the "other bad boy" in this story. Mr. Elton is viewed as being in love with one character, then confesses the fact is wrong that he is indeed crazy about Emma, then runs off and marries someone else for their money. His motive like so many of the men in Austen's novels is money.

Her big hero in this story is Mr. Knightley. Whom, as his name suggests is the knight in shining armor not just to Emma, but to Miss. Smith and to Miss Bates. A gentleman who is not only educated, and wealthy but how has a sense of real family values. It's easy to understand why so many state Mr. Knightley as a favourite among Jane Austen's characters.

How do we feel about Mr. Collins?
I did a short post on another blog a year ago on the character traits of Mr. Collins. Once again, this villain has done nothing much more then being stuck up and greedy.

Even Jane Austen's most wicked characters Mr. Wickham, Mr. Willoughby, Captain Frederick Tilney, never seem to cross the line from seducer (wither for simply sex or money) into harsher crimes (rape and murder) giving all a chance for redemption.

Mr. Darcy is seen as the design of man in perfection. But again I ask why?
So many stories over the years have copied the idea behind Darcy for their hero. Making him tall dark and stuffy. A man who practices life while looking down his nose at it. Everyone and they're dog's grandmother has said "but look at what Mr. Darcy does for love" Um what does he do? He ruins his best friend's life for a full year by talking him into running away in the middle of the night because Mr. Darcy disapproves of Jane's station. He then helps to hide the fact Jane is in the same town as Mr. Bingley, further complicating it for them. Then only when he realizes that in order for his own ego to be centered does he mastermind to get them together. Yes he threatens Mr. Wickham into a proper marriage to Lydia, but still only because otherwise his own desires would be shut out. So tell me again why we all love Mr. Darcy?

Part 3 coming soon

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