Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mail Day

My doorbell rang, and I was thinking, "who would be coming here this time of day?"
I had forgotten with all that has been going on in the last two weeks that I was getting Spin by Catherine McKenzie.
I will be part of the blog tour later next month.

I have been having some personal issues and have to apologize for being behind on a few reviews.

I still have to finish reading Jolted by Arthur Slade and Cheers by Nicholas Pashley. I will try to have them up before the end of next week.

All are Harper Collins Canada books.


  1. Mm, I like this cover. Hope you can catch up on your reading, I know that goes.

  2. WoooHooo! I'm your 13th follower, I'm feeling lucky!

  3. Yes, I seem to have gotten my footing back slightly thanks.

    13th? damn lost a few people. I had 17.