Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1 Year ago (Jan 6th)

One year ago I decided since I was spending so much time over on Chapters online community doing reviews that I would start a book blog.

I was seeing a growing trend of people who were doing this on a weekly and daily basis. I had been doing the odd review on my main blog and on my vampire blog already so I thought it seemed natural.

I think it was easier before when I was just reading for the sake of reading and just throwing up a few posts about what I was reading at the time. There's a lot of pressure when you get a set of books in the mail just for this.

As some of you know,(if you have been following my main blog) I've been having some health issues the last few months and have been back and forth with doctors and x-rays. So I haven't been keeping things updated as much. I've also been focusing on finishing my own novel while I wait for results.

Having said that, the Jane Austen Challenge that I got to be part of was one of the highlights of my year this past year. You don't realize how much someone influences your own style of work till you do a challenge like this and study them. Once things get settled a bit with my personal life, I think I'll do another mini Austen challenge. Just to clear the cobwebs.

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