Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Men of Jane Austen Part 3

This is the last part of the final challenge for the All Jane Austen Challenge

I know I have not covered all the men, I have to be honest, this was a challenge that was unrealistic. Which I of course would not admit when I started this one. I am admitting it now.
Does that mean I failed the challenge? Maybe.

Something I have noticed in a general sense with the men in her books, that is the age. The average age of her heroes and villains is around 34.
Almost as if the men over this age are of no interest to her at all. I can in part understand this, as I am one for younger men.

I also noticed there are not alot of father figures in general in her books. The ones that do appear, seem to have little to do with things.

It makes one wonder if Jane Austen found the lives of her male characters as interesting as she seemed to for her female ones?
And why I am about to do something completely odd. I am going to "cast my Austen men". If I was doing a production of a Jane Austen, I would choose these real life men to play her characters This would be my dream cast. Some of these names you will recognize and some will have you scratching your head as to whom they are. ( The names with ** after then are wrestlers. )

Mr. Knightley = Jay Lethal**
Mr. Elton = Randy Orton**
Frank Churchill = Austin Aries**
Colonel Brandon = I have to go with the actor who's played him and stuck in everyone mind Alan Rickman. I know there have been other actors who's played him, but for me there is no other Colonel Brandon.
Mr. Willoughby = Andrew McCarthy.
Mr. Edward Ferrars = Jack Huston
Mr. Robert Ferrars = Jimmy Jacobs**
Edmund Bertram = Jude Law
Tom Bertram = Benicio Del Toro
Mr. Crawford = Alessandro Nivola . Again, I know he played this character already, but for me there is no other Mr. Crawford. No one can live up to his version of it.
Mr. Rushworth = Ryan Reynolds.
William Elliot = Desmond Wolfe**
Captain Frederick Wentworth = Sheamus**
John Thorpe = Steven Mackintosh
Henry Tilney = James Marsters
Mr. Bingley = Chris Sabin**
Mr. Collins = Eric Young**
Mr. Wickham = Kevin Zegers. And yes I know that is a cheat as he already did the movie Jane Austen Book Club playing the character of Trey
Mr. Darcy = Alex Shelley **

I hope I remembered everyone.

So this is the final part to my final challenge. As I said, it was more then I could handle. I'll remember not to be so bold next time.
This has been fun, coming around to peoples blogs over the last 6 months seeing everyones reviews.

In the end you have to ask yourself "What would Jane Do?"


  1. very interesting to say the least I like how you incorporate wrestlers into acting roles

  2. Waiting for your thoughts on Sheamus being a big romantic hero.

  3. uh oh uh hmmmm will have to think about this one maybe if we saw his true hair color.