Monday, August 30, 2010

Mr. Darcy's Little Sister by C. Allyn Pierson

Plot:  Georgiana Darcy is set to debut.  Hot on the heels of both Elizabeth marrying her brother and Jane marrying Mr. Bingley, we find the youngest Miss Darcy planning her coming out Season.  Her guardian,  and cousin Fitzwilliam, seems to set off her temper at every turn making the already shy Miss Darcy feel as if she does not know how to act.  Soon, she is the center of attention from more than a few gentlemen, and a Mr. Walker being at the top of the list. Will Mr. Walker be true or another Mr. Wickham with nothing but  bad intentions for  Miss Darcy. With the help of Elizabeth and her sisters Jane and Kitty, Georgiana soon finds her own footing and dares to dream of a love as true as theirs.

This was a slow go at first.  With nearly 500 pages and 29 chapters, Mr. Darcy's Little Sister takes a bit of warming up to; but once you are in you are hooked.

There are more then a few surprises in this Austen sequel, including Lord Byron as a slight character, but they add just enough plot twist to keep you turning pages.
The addition of Kitty, one of the younger Bennets was a sweet touch as she was always a under used figure in the original story.  Giving the Regency period more space also helped to form a fuller backdrop then Miss Austen ever did, and the addition of the Prince Regent into the personal lives of the Darcy's gave a flavour of independence for the women. Forcing them to stand alone while Mr. Darcy was off on a private mission handed him by the Prince Regent.
Georgiana's growth from a shy innocent girl to full blown society lady in such a short time is felt more from her own frustration then the actual act of going through the paces of coming out.

Witty and captivating, this novel could stand up to Miss Austen's original works with ease.

The only part for me that I felt was over used was the idea of St. George, the older cousin of the Darcy's.  He has a typical feel of many Austen villains jumping from one young lady to the other while Mr. Darcy and his family do much of nothing but worry about the situation. Which they in fact just finished doing over another character Mr. Walker.

You are at times finding yourself almost routing for Miss Bingley as well as Miss Anne.  Both ladies who's characters were originally viewed as snobs. This time around they're more then just background noise.  Miss Anne is one character I hope to some day see given her own sequel.

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