Friday, September 11, 2009

The Shining by Stephen King- Review

As I said a few posts back, I was reading this for 2 book clubs.
I just finished it. I actually had a difficult time getting into this believe it or not.
I loved the movie version and could not get it out of my mind while reading.

I have to say, one theme by Stephen King, I have always been endeared to is the writer who looses his mind. He's done this more then once and is the best at it.
Stories about madness are always I find more scary then overly gory stories. Madness could happen to anyone at anytime for any reason.

I was alittle confused on a few elements, which I brought up in book club, that dealt with how certain items manifested themselves. And if it was a haunting or possession? It's never truly clear.

For anyone who has not read the original story it's about a man who is given a last chance to recover from his vices by taking his family to a hotel for the winter, where is has a job as the winter caretaker. His son is psychic and awakens the entity living in the hotel. Quickly one by one the three of them begin to loose control.

Given that this novel is 30 years old, it holds up brilliantly.

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