Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Journal of Mortifying Moments by Robyn Harding

I was given this by my sister. And she was right on with it. Fabulous read.

This story takes place in an office building for most of it, the rest is done in tasteful flashbacks and chic bars.

Our lead is a woman in her early 30's who some how has found herself in a string of toxic relationships and needs to get to the root of the issue inorder to solve the problem.
Her mother, who is an aging hippy takes her to get her Tarots read and it opens up a whole new viewpoint for her. Hoping that the reading will give her daughter insight into finding a husband, she is displeased when told that the reading focused on her career.
Throw in a few fabulous girlfriends who are each having their own men issues (the friend having a long term affair with her married boss, and her best gay guy chatting every morning over coffees about his ex boyfriend) and a search for Zen and you have a modern comedy that hits home. Let's not forget our lead is going to therapy behind everyone's back.
I have to say my favourite characters are her two books, the journal her therapist has her write that incases all the bad relationships, and her self-help guide that quickly becomes her bible for life. These two books that she keeps with her are a great metaphor for her past and future.

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