Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Vampire For Christmas

I have said before that I am more then disappointed in the sudden rise in coffin style stories. It gets a little confusing trying to find the dividing lines as of late for book sections. The fact the romance department has crossed over into the dark side would be good expect for the fact that almost everything is considered paranormal now.
With that said, I picked up a copy of Holiday with a Vampire 2. This is the second year Harlequin Romance has devoted a Christmas issue to vampires. This issue has two short novellas.
I read the first story in this issue "A Christmas Kiss" by Merline Lovelace and found it to be lacking in so many areas.
The fact it was a novella was it's first weak point. The story just didn't get a chance to develop into anything worth caring about. The characters were very one dimensional and stiff. The fact that it pulls from the idea of the overly used references of Vampire Masquerade made it dull and rehashed.
I will let you know when I read the second story in this book.

"The Vampire Who Stole Christmas" by Lori Devoti, the second novella in the book Holiday With A Vampire 2, is by far a better read.
We are treated to the idea of a Guardian Angel falling in love with a Vampire.
The topics of betrayal, lust, self esteem, and despair are the elements used to weave this short story. Unlike the first half of this issue, the characters have more depth and characteristics that make them likable.
When you meet your other half light and dark attitudes will balance out the best of each other.

Originally posted on my Chapter's Profile Dec. 2008

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