Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting Over Jack Wagner by Elise Juska

I read this back in 2007, and had done a blog post for it on my Andrew and the Aluminumsidings blog.

My sister works at Chapters Books here in town, and gets a stack of books every so often. She passed this one on to me.
This book is about a woman who had a crush on actor/singer Jack Wagner and then dates only rockstars.
I love Chicklit which has left it's prints all over my blogging style. But this book, just sucked. In talking about the book, both my sister and me agreed this one just wasn't worth it.
It did however bring up a topic : Who/What is your 'Jack Wagner'?

This book lacked any real drive outside of being an autobiography disguised as fiction. The chick-lit style is unmistakable but it is not a fun romp. Instead it pulls you under it's own self depression leaving you feeling like a rat on a sunken ship.

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